About Balanced Run


Balanced Run is the place where yoga, running and the athletic spirit combine. Created by perpetual mover Cyndi Roy Gonzalez, Balanced Run is an umbrella brand offering yoga for athletes, run coaching and fun, movement-focused events.

About Cyndi

Cyndi is a yoga teacher, long-time yoga student, runner and certified run coach in the Greater Boston area.

A certified yoga teacher and 7-time marathoner, Cyndi combines her experience and deep passion for movement to bring yoga to athletes across the region.

The Yoga

Cyndi has been a yoga student for more than 15 years, having first come to the practice for its many physical benefits before discovering the countless ways in which yoga has helped improve her focus, mental clarity, confidence and spirit.



Cyndi leads students of all levels, but as a runner and former dancer, she particularly enjoys working with athletes. She has created and led classes for various athletes at Harvard University, Northeastern University, elite swim teams and some of the area’s top individual athletes. Her knowledge of human anatomy and her own experience with injury informs her teaching to help her students reach their goals, prevent setbacks and recover strong.

Cyndi's classes are energetic and creative with a focus on strengthening, stabilizing and lengthening the body. They’re known for their warmth, lightheartedness, sense of community and killer playlists. 

The Running

Cyndi hated running growing up. Like, really hated it. But after graduating from college, looking to stay active and in shape, she ran her first mile on a treadmill at the Boston Sports Club in Fenway. That mile made her want to run another one. And another one. Until 6 years later, she ran her first marathon in Chicago. She's since fallen in love with the sport and has gained the expertise and passion for running that helps her motivate and successfully coach others.