Yoga for Athletes (Individual)

individualized progams for runners, cyclists, other athletes and beginner yogis

Cyndi has used yoga to help athletes and individuals reach their goals and stay healthy while doing so. Whether you're brand new to yoga or looking for the kind of individual attention that can be hard to receive in a studio class, Cyndi will tailor a yoga program to meet your unique needs. She focuses both on the physical postures (asanas) and breath work (pranayama) to give you the best program possible for your mind and body. 

Cyndi has worked with a range of individuals including elite runners, cyclists, rowers and weekend warriors. She will travel to your home, workplace or other location to make yoga fit your daily life. 

Corporate Yoga Events

On-site Yoga classes, corporate events and retreats

Companies of all sizes have started offering their workers on-site yoga classes that help improve their workers' health and wellbeing, increase their productivity and boost their morale. Cyndi can work with your employees on a regular weekly program or as a special guest at corporate events and retreats. 


Yoga for Athletes (Team)

college and high school athletic teams, run clubs and more

Cyndi works with top athletic teams at Harvard University, Northeastern University and with elite high school and middle school athletic teams. She's also a volunteer coach with Girls on the Run, a program that uses running and mindfulness to help give young girls the life skills and athletic skills they need to be successful. 

Top athletes and pro teams swear by yoga's benefits. Try adding yoga and mindfulness to your own team's training and see how it can change your results. 

Group Yoga 

Special events, baby showers, bridal showers, family vacations and more

Share a fun and interesting yoga experience with friends and family at your next gathering. Cyndi will customize a yoga class just for you and your favorite people - set to a killer playlist - that will leave you feeling shiny and new!

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