Cyndi’s yoga classes really helped me improve my running posture and gait. My flexibility and comfort increased dramatically after incorporating runner’s yoga into my routine. I felt like I could breathe easier and run longer as a result. But it also helped improve my mobility and ability for other workouts, which is a great added bonus! Cyndi is a great instructor who tailors her classes to the changing needs of her students, and never repeats a sequence so that her classes are always fresh!
— Ashley, South Boston

As a beginner to yoga, I was nervous going into the class, but Cyndi’s instructing immediately put me at ease. She gave tips for how to adjust positions to make them right for me. I loved how she explained why we were doing what we were doing and how it benefitted specific muscles. She is a great instructor and I highly recommend her class!
— Danielle, NYC

Cyndi got this non-athlete feeling like one! 10/10
— Margie, Boston

Cyndi’s yoga class is my favorite. I always leave feeling inspired, strong, and centered. Also her music is spot on!
— Morgan, Boston

This class is the best deal in town. Hands-on instruction feels like you are the only one in the room! Cyndi is a total pro with a great playlist. A true hidden gem for Boston yogis.
— Jillian, Somerville

It’s rare to find a class that changes your perception of an activity. Cyndi’s class has transformed my old ideas of running as solitary, static means to a fitness end. Now, I think of running as an inclusive, group challenge where the journey is as important as the results.
— Jay, Boston

Your body and mind strengthen and relax, and you leave refreshed and balanced. Cyndi is so soothing and attentive, I love that she is dedicated to your form. Her warmth is palpable, anyone at any level will love it.
— Rachel, Wellesley